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Dana Siomkos, Founder of You & Them

Meet 5 Recruiters Shaking Up the Advertising Industry

By Brittany King

Dana Siomkos always knew she wanted to work in advertising. “When I was a kid instead of playing house with my sisters we’d play business and I owned an advertising agency,” she recalls. “It really was a childhood fantasy.”

Although she knew this was the industry she wanted to be in, she used to shy away from recruiter jobs. At one point, a friend asked for her help sourcing digital talent. “I had no interest in helping him, but I was in between jobs and I knew I wanted to start a business, so I said yes,” she says. “After a month or two, it became my passion and my friend and I became business partners.”

In 2010, Siomkos opened up You & Them, a New York-based recruiting firm helping job seekers and businesses alike find their perfect match. While Siomkos understands the importance of a great resume, her company prefers to take a more personal approach.

“There’s a ton of tremendous tech out there, but our feeling is human chemistry, intuition, those elements are so important and will always be important and that’s the lens from which we do our work,” she explains. “We go and spend time at [our client’s] office, we sit in on meetings, we meet the hiring manager and the other employees there as well. We don’t just want a view of the position, but a full 360 view of the company as well because it helps us to connect the dots.”

This piece was originally published by Adweek

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