Answer Me This: So Tell Me About Yourself

Hiring managers want to know more than what you’re capable of. Who you are is the story they’re trying to get a feel for in the interview.

Instead of preparing perfect answers for all the typical questions, keep in mind; the questions are just the picture frame – your answers are your portrait and the ultimate key to nailing that interview.

How do you strike a balance?

Don’t let the casual nature of that question fool you into “winging-it.” Nailing a balance of personal anecdotes and interests with your professional narrative and achievements can set a strong, confident tone within the first 30 seconds.

How do you do it? We’ll show you how…. 

Taking into consideration everything you know about your interviewer, the company, the culture, and the details of the position; make a list of the top 3-5 things you feel are integral to thriving in the role and the company. Then, make a note of your personal attributes and professional accomplishments that would correlate with those 3-5 things. Practice writing it long form, then distill it to a short, bulleted outline and practice speaking the 30-second version out loud. Refine & repeat.

Now you can focus on what to wear! Your top 3-5 list can help with this too.

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