How To: Know You Have What It Takes

9 Signs You’re Going to Be Successful in Whatever You Do

Successful people see the accomplishments of others as exciting and inspirational, and as validation that creativity and hard work do pay off.

8. You’re Willing to Start a Movement of One

We all like to belong, to feel we’re kindred spirits, and that’s why some ideas quickly gain a following and why great ones can become movements.

Joining a crowd is awesome. But every movement starts with one person who dares to stand up, alone, unprotected, and vulnerable, and be different—to say what others aren’t saying, to do what others aren’t doing, to take a chance and accept the consequences.

What makes people on the path to success so willing to take that risk?

9. You Think, “Why Not Me?”

Regardless of the pursuit, success is difficult to achieve. That’s why we all fail sometimes. And when we do, it’s easy to decide events were outside our control. It’s easy to feel depressed and wonder, “Why don’t I ever get the opportunities other people get?” or “Why aren’t my friends more supportive?” or “Why can’t I catch a break?”

In short, it’s easy to think, “Why me?”

Truly successful people ask a different question: “Why not me?”

That’s why an entrepreneur will open a restaurant in the same location where other restaurants have failed: “They didn’t succeed, but why not me?” That’s why entrepreneurs will start a software company with nothing but an idea: “They may have deeper pockets and a major market share, but why not me?”

People on the path to wealth don’t assume others possess special talents or a gift from the gods. They see successful people and think, “That’s awesome, and if she can do that, why not me?”

Good question: Why not you?

If you think about it, there is no real answer, because when you’re truly willing not just to dream big but also to try incredibly hard, there are no reasons why you can’t achieve it—at least no reasons that matter to you.


This piece was originally published by The Muse.

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