She Says Boom

She Says Boom was a career-accelerator event that our very own Dana Siomkos had the pleasure of dropping major keys in an intimate and perspective-changing Interviewing Skills workshop.

If you’re like me you’d be thinking “What can I possibly get from a workshop on interviewing? I’ve been on tons of interviews!”

Have you ever been to a workshop that gave you the okay to stalk someone on social media?

My point exactly.

Don’t worry though! Here’s the Sparknotes version of everything you missed and need to know to take your interview game from 0 to 100.

Be Empathetic. It’s not about you.

“It’s about this company, their needs, their goals and if you can deliver them.”

First and foremost: everyone goes into an interview ready to be questioned, but how often do you take the time to question yourself?

When getting ready for an interview, ask yourself what’s missing, or what you’re hoping to find in the position you’re applying for. How will this position benefit you? How will you benefit the company you’re applying for?

The interviewing process is a two way street. Just like dating, you need to sort your stuff out before putting yourself out there. Be clear about where you are and intentional about where you want to be.

Major Key: NETWORK! It’s the most powerful move you can make in your career. Make a list of everyone who has a job or life you envy and invite them to coffee. Soak up the knowledge!

It’s Okay to Stalk

I’m not talking about your crush or your favorite celebrity, though! It’s A-Ok to stalk your potential employer. Don’t just stalk the company you’re applying for, stalk the people who work there on their social media feeds and discover the things you have in common.

As much as you’re looking for a cultural fit, the company looking for one in you.

Study Yourself

We as humans tend to take this for granted and often fumble when it comes to presenting ourselves.

Don’t be your own enemy! Think about your elevator pitch. Figure out what stories are worth sharing with your interviewer from the ones that are a waste of precious time.

Major Key: BE PREPARED! Pick a few of your favorite roles/projects you want to highlight and break them down into a simple case study format so that you can present your work in a concise and strategic way.

Find the best way to market yourself and run with it!

It’s Them, Not You

Humble yourself! Interviews have less to do with you and more to do with the needs of the company. Use this to your advantage.

Take an empathetic approach to how you present yourself and keep in mind what the other person wants from you. Remember that there’s a void that needs to be filled or problem that needs solving. What can you do for them to remedy this? How can you make this person’s life/ job easier?

Major Key: Interview them. Wasn’t expecting that, were you? The answer should never be “No” when your interviewer asks if you have any questions for them. People like to talk about themselves. All you have to do is be willing to listen! Ask them about their work, their life, they’re thoughts on Pangea. Show interest in the future of the company you’re applying for and they will take interest in you.

Not enough? We’ve got you covered. Check out these sites for more info on Personal Development, Business, Salary Negotiations, and Company Research.

Thanks She Says for letting us be apart of such an amazing event! Check out their new, free career advice tool Boom!

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