Secrets to Long Haul Creativity – Secrets 7 & 8

If you’re just tuning in, these tips are part of a week-long series on “The Secrets to Long Haul Creativity” that we launched earlier this week on Monday.

Seven: Creativity Is A By-Product

Contrary to popular opinion, creativity is almost always the by-product of passionate hard work and not the other way around. Olympian Gretchen Bleiler — one of the more creative snowboarders in history — puts it this way: “You don’t wake up and say: ‘Today I’m going to be more creative. You do the things you love to do and try to get at their essence and allow things to emerge.’ ”

Eight: Listen To Neil Gaiman

Pretty much everything I’ve learned about long haul creativity author Neil Gaiman says in this speech, only he says it so much better than I could.


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Featured image by Martín Azambuja.

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