How To Protect Yourself From Negative Vibes Wherever You Are

In the wake of the election, we’ve been on the lookout for methods of self-care that work for us. More specifically, we’re looking for ways to feel safe. Luckily, most magical practices involve some aspect of protection spells.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best witch-approved tips to keep your home and office free of negativity, no matter who you voted for. But before you dive in, we have a few general suggestions, too.Start with a general cleansing ritual, so you aren’t dealing with any excess baggage while trying to protect yourself. Next, if you’re #StillWithHer, there are plenty of female deities you can invoke (or whose figures you can add to your altar) for additional strength right now. And finally, don’t forget about this month’s full moon — the supermoon’s added intensity will be perfect for any energy work you’re planning.

Tips below on keeping your personal spaces cleansed and free of negativity. (And if you’re looking for outside support or counseling, please visit our guide to free mental-health resources, here.)

1. At Your Desk

Unless you work from home, you probably have limited space for trinkets or charms. So make your next paperweight a healing crystal with protective properties.

We recommend black tourmaline, but onyx and shungite (this writer’s personal preference) will work just as well, too. When charged and used regularly, these crystals can actually absorb negative energy that might invade your work area.


2. In Your Kitchen

Let light into this space — a warm and welcoming kitchen is a preemptive strike against negativity. Growing your own herbs and keeping salt in the corners will cultivate life within while keep roaming negativity out.

And don’t forget to keep your cooking areas clean. As a common space in the home and where you go to nourish your body, the kitchen is considered a sacred place. Avoiding clutter will help remove any sense of chaos you might feel.


3. In Your Bathroom

A regular bath can soothe your anxieties, but a spiritual bath can do that and more. There are all sorts of herbs, oils, and salts that you can add to your bath to promote positivity. If you’d rather keep it simple, saltwater baths can do wonders, too. These baths should make you feel recharged and even help release any negativity you’ve already absorbed. We recommend saving them for the very end of your day.


4. In Your Bedroom

This space should be all about you — surround yourself with comforting, familiar elements that make you feel totally safe. If you’re a knickknack person, deck out your nightstand with rose quartz, amethyst, and a couple of spell candles. For nighttime protection, leave a glass of water out near your bed, too. It’s believed that any negative energy will be drawn into the water before it reaches you.

If you’re more of a minimalist, just keep a sage stick handy. Burning sage is a simple, tried-and-true cleansing method and it’ll make your room smell warm and cozy.


5. On The Move

When you’re out and about, keep a charm, amulet, or crystal with you. Besides just carrying one around in your pocket or bag, you can wear your charm of choice or even clip it inside your bra. It also doesn’t hurt to develop a mantra you repeat before heading out the door, like telling yourself, “You’ve got this.”

And, of course, before you leave the house, make sure your entryway is protected. Get in the habit of burning sage and leaving salt around the doorways to your home. These little steps can have a major payoff. After all, peace of mind is priceless.


This piece was originally published by Refinery 29.

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