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Not A Bot: 3 Ways To Be A More Empathetic Communicator

By Leif Walcutt

Beep boop bop.

Automation is predicted to replace almost a quarter of available jobs by 2025, but humans still rule the workplace. Technology may have streamlined our workflow processes, but at what cost? Here are a few ways to bring some humanity back into the office.

Write like a human. Waiting days to respond to an urgent email or answering with terse, one-word replies can be a little cold. Using concise language and proper grammar will show that you’ve put care and attention into the issue, even if you don’t have much time.

Be a storyteller. When communicating the importance of global health in their annual newsletter, Bill and Melinda Gates use personal anecdotes instead of focusing on numbers and statistics. Storytelling brings authenticity to your message and draws the audience in.

Focus on body language. We’ve all heard it before: Make eye contact, and don’t cross your arms. The important point to recognize is that welcoming body language will open up opportunities for collaboration in the workplace and make everyone happier in the long run.

This story appeared in the March 20, 2017 issue of Level Up by Forbes newsletter. Subscribe

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