Keep Calm and Stay Tough

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”
– Billy Ocean

I loved that 45 as a kid. I danced around my room feeling on top of the world paying no mind to the fact that Billy was galvanized into action so he could “do the things that lovers do.” Point is, Billy made it feel effortless to face great challenges by channelling focus and energy into a conquering frame of mind.

As we all know and have experienced, it’s one thing to face a challenge of choice such as, “I’m going to put myself out there and say hello,” “I’m going to run this marathon,” “I’m going to take this job even though I’d be in a bit over my head,” but quite another when challenges fall in our lap…uninvited. Those sorts of challenges can range anywhere from an unwelcome sense of discomfort to the straight up “building is on fire–run!” feeling. We recognize that each situation warrants its own coping mechanism and approach, but we’re delighted to learn that a significant aspect to achieving mental toughness is channeling your anxious, terrified, or angry energy in more productive ways. For example:

1) To better understand how you’re motivated and what your emotional triggers are
2) To prevent negative emotions and thoughts from taking root and making a home in your mind and body
3) To more closely observe and be curious about why people do the things they do
4) To recognize that not everyone and everything is out to get you
5) To see every situation as an opportunity to learn something
6) To rest in the fact that all situations are temporary so while good doesn’t last forever, neither does the bad

As we walk into some of the most beautiful months of the year and toughest, we want to invigorate ourselves and all you tough-minded folks out there to keep that tough going. The Muse connected us with some helpful articles on mental toughness, ranging from how FBI Agents pull it off  to establishing habits that strengthen our Billy Ocean muscles. We invite you to join us on Instagram and Facebook to internalize a daily practice for when the tough gets going.


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