We didn't expect to do
this job either.

So we know a thing or two about
finding the unexpected.

We didn't expect to do
this job either.

So we know a thing or two about
finding the unexpected.

Let us put our superpowers to work for you.

We’ve all had previous lives. At agencies, start-ups, dive bars – you name it. But we fell in love with recruiting. Why? Because it brings together our unique, seemingly random, superpowers in a way that no other job can.


Dana Siomkos

Founder and CEO

After 10+ years of working in-house, I became frustrated with the uninspired recruiting experience. Recruiters never seemed to deeply understand the businesses they were supporting, the positions they were filling, or the people they were representing.

I saw this as an opportunity to do something differently!

You & Them is a boutique recruiting company comprised only of people who have worked at agencies and brands and have a deep-seeded passion for making thoughtful, compassionate and long-lasting connections.

Super Power: An obsession with solving the puzzle - and understanding all the pieces.
Why You & Them? Because every industry deserves a fresh take on things.
Who do we have to thank? My mother and a copywriter at the Deutsch water cooler.
If you had a dollar for every time you said… Take a leap!
Favorite superhero catchphrase: I’m the best there is at what I do - Wolverine.

Kerry Shaw

Head of Recruiting

Super Power: A freaky ability to read minds and divine what people are really dreaming about.
My coworkers find me to be: Curious, inquisitive, instinctual and hilarious.
Why You & Them? Because I’ve been on the other side of the fence I know how not to do this job.
What gets you out of bed? My kids. Coffee. Howard Stern. In no particular order.
Favorite song lyrics? Stop your messing around, better think of your future! - The Specials


Press & Speaking Engagements

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  • Welcome to the Jungle; Salary Transparency & The Hidden Job Market

  • AdWeek: How 2020 Changed the Way We Work

  • Sylvain Labs: Expert Panelist for Recess Event

  • AdWeek: Recruiters Shaking Up the Industry

  • Sub Rosa: Applied Empathy Panel Discussion

  • She Says: Panel Lead for Boom Conference

  • Stoked: Career Development Workshop

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