JABBA THE WEEK – May 4th be with You

Smart, savvy client partner


YOU: You are a client management champion and strategy mastermind. Your ever curious mind keeps you hot on the pulse of industry trends and helps you provide quality guidance to clients.


THEM: This imaginative agency crafts custom experiences that serve and delight not only their clients, but consumers as well. Through inventive and skillful application of design and technology, they provide creative strategy, branding, technology and content development for a wide range of projects and products.


Want the full story? Take a peek at the full description here: Digital Strategist


If you’ve already connected with a You & Them Talent Scout, please let them know of your interest in this role. If you’re new to Y&T, please send resumes to leigh@you-and-them.com with the subject line “Digital Strategist” and a brief description of why you’re The One.


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