How to Enjoy Your Summer and Manage Your 9-5

Sometimes it feels like the only people who get to enjoy the beautiful Summer weather are the people who aren’t tied down by obligations like working to pay bills and dreadful Summer classes- basically anyone who isn’t an adult.


Look no further fellow friends! We’ve got the perfect ways for you to secure the bag and still get your Summer fun in.


Set the Mood

Create a Summer Vibes playlist to whistle to while you work. Not only will you improve your mood but you’ll already know all the latest tunes when you get to Happy Hour.


Set the Scene

You’re the lead role in your summer flick! Swap the White button-down and slacks uniform for a Summery ‘fit and grab a fun glass (we love this one from Band.o). Even if you’re just drinking your regular 6 cups of coffee or water, dressing the part can still put you in a state of Summertime Bliss.

Bring the Outdoors In!

Get a lil greenery in your workspace. Buying a small palm or tropical plant brings the vacation vibes to your desk.

Eat Lunch Outside!

Or if it’s too hot to spend time outdoors, have a go-to spot in mind where you can enjoy a nice iced treat or cold bevvy on your lunch break (preferably with an AC nearby).


Bring Summer to Work!

Bring the Summer vibes into the office by stocking the fridge with fresh watermelon or popsicles; maybe even your go-to dip recipe for when you hit a BBQ. Sharing these things with your team is great for morale and gets everyone in that chill, summery mood.


Get the Team Onboard

Why not organize an office event for everyone to join in on the summertime fun? Not every office offers Summer Fridays so if you’re stuck at work, why not propose a Friday 3pm Happy Hour to infuse a little sip of summer for the team?

Or take some time to goof off and lighten the mood– Grab your team, a beach ball, and an empty conference room. You’d be surprised how 15 minutes of silliness can help you reset and power through a 3pm crash.


Get Creative With Your Schedule

Is your office flexible on hours? See if you can take a Monday or Friday to work from home, schedule meetings, calls and all-hands for Tuesday-Thursday to give yourself a little more flexibility to stretch that weekend out. Or come in an hour early to earn yourself an hour at the end of the day.

Don’t Take Work Home With You!

Your office has hours for a reason. Take your hard-earned “Me Time” and go enjoy your time off! Those emails will still be there when you come back to the office 😉

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