Hiring Managers Are Googling YOU

And they aren’t finding your resume. So what are they seeing?


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Now’s the time to polish up your online presence and get that jobby job you’ve been dreaming of!

It’s 2016, so it’s time we all agree that your resumer is important, but only a small part of what will get you hired. Your online presence is now just as crucial as your resume. For good reason- it’s where employers go to actually find out who you are. Like, the *real* you.And honestly, do you really want hiring managers judging you based on old tweets or a LinkedIn profile you haven’t updated in five years? Of course not. How about a beautiful, sleek personal website that makes you look like a total boss? That’s more like it.

And thankfully, needing some serious technical skills to have your own website (that doesn’t look like a ’90s blog) is a thing of the past, thanks to our creative friends atSquarespace, who make designing personal (and professional looking) sites easy. And actually really fun.

Trust us: This a real career game changer, so don’t put it off any longer. And to help you get a jump-start, Squarespace is giving Musers 10% off a year-long subscription Why? Because we all know how important your career is to you. Now, go create something awesome, and watch the hiring managers start lining up.


Featured image by Hans Christian Øren.

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