Featured Job of the Week! June 23rd

Strategic Project Manager at a branding and innovation agency in New York City

This week we have a kick-butt Featured Job for a Strategic Project Manager in New York City! We’re basically looking for Superman; someone who keeps the cogs aligned and the wheels turning at an awesome strategy, branding & innovations agency in NYC.

Here’s You:
You are a seasoned rockstar Strategic Project Manager who keeps the cogs aligned and the wheels turning, the kind of person who could unravel a tangle of string just by staring at it. Like Superman. Ideally, you are a flexible, proactive and solutions oriented person who is able to juggle multiple tasks and projects at any given time. You’ll be a natural when it comes to bonding with scouts and clients, and will motivate your teams through changing timelines and complex internal demands that are often associated with projects.

Here’s Them:
A strategy & innovations agency dedicated to transforming the futures for ambitious brands and businesses; whether it’s reestablishing a brand’s relevance, designing consumer experiences, or creating new products and services from scratch, they put the brand at the center of all strategic and creative development. Some projects are fast and small and some of them are monsters that can literally add millions of dollars worth of value to clients’ businesses. All projects require world-class innovative and creative thinking and just a little sprinkling of magic. They are made up of a highly diverse team of over 60 strategists, innovators, and designers who come from all over the world and have backgrounds that include advertising, architecture, design, poetry, publishing and soap-making.

Want to get the scoop and know a bit more? Check out our newest Job Posting here: https://youandthem.com/jobs/#strategicprojectmanager

Think you’re the Man of Steel we’ve been waiting for? Send resumes to leigh@you-and-them.com with the subject line “Superman” and a brief description of who you are and why you’re The One.

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