Featured Job of the Week! July 17th

Tech savvy, master multi-tasker Producer/Project Manager digital agency specializing VFX UI work for film and real life applications.

Here’s You:

You are a detail oriented multi-tasking producer that excels in high intensity creative environments and is not afraid to get their feet wet in challenging situations. You are able to assess what or who is needed to get the job done and anticipate what comes next – always ten steps ahead! You are proactive and self-sufficient with high initiative.

Here’s Them:

A technology focused digital firm specializing in VFX and UI design. They function on multiple platforms from film to smartphone, pushing the plausibility of futuristic technology into reality. A team composed of thinkers and creatives who investigate the common themes that exist in technology. Located in the tech and advertising mecca of the world, NYC, they dream up unthinkable design solutions and make them a reality.

Want to get the scoop and know a bit more? Check out our newest Job Posting here: https://youandthem.com/jobs/#producer-project-manager

Email kerry@you-and-them.com with the subject “Savvy Producer/PM” with a brief description of why you’re The One.

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