So You’re Finally Ready for that Promotion?

You’ve most likely been at your job for X amount of years and have accomplished so many things that you think you’re ready for the next big step. Yet there’s always a bit of hesitation when thinking about how to pop the big question: “Can I have a promotion?”


The real question though should be “Am I ready for a promotion?”


Timing is everything when it comes to decisions like this so before you make that big jump it’s important that you understand why you want a promotion so you can determine the what and when.


Start by trying to figure out what’s motivating your burning desire for a promotion. Is it money? Your aspirations and desire for growth? Purely ambition? Are you bored or discontent?

Let’s break it down!


More money and perks are always nice but do you have the experience and capabilities that match these benefits? If lately you’ve been taking on more responsibility and have demonstrated abilities that match your request then you’re ready. If not, well think on it some more.


The same thing goes for your desire for growth and your ambition. There’s a balance between experience, your demonstrated skills, and your performance history. You should aim to become a full master at whatever you’re in before shooting for a promotion.


Feeling bored? Then it’s a great time to start proving yourself before moving up! Start by asking for more responsibilities to show how capable you. Once those tasks are tackled over a set period of time (about 60-90 days), you can use that as a track record to tactfully make your request for a promotion.


If you’re discontent, a promotion might not be the fix you need. Maybe it’s the company or department you’re in. Increasing responsibility in an environment that doesn’t make you happy isn’t going to help your Happy Meter go up any better.

Love the company you’re at? Maybe try switching departments and testing the waters in new but familiar areas.


Don’t love the company? Maybe it’s time to reach out to a recruiter and see what’s out there! (wink wink)


Don’t push being promoted too early. Aim to become the best version of yourself first. Achieve everything you possibly can and grow until you have no choice but to be promoted.

Remember: It’s not about how good you are now, it’s how good you want to be.


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